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Phone: (727) 324-7621 Email: ben@benharrison.cc

Development and Design Portfolio


My responsibilities at FreightCenter revolved almost entirely around development; building new features, and maintaining an existing code base. Whenever I designed something it was typically in the sense of architecting and planning new software solutions.

For overall user interface and graphic design strategy I coordinated heavily with our talented Creative Director, Justin Langley. He's mostly responsible for what you see in the application screenshot. I contributed design feedback and handled most of the implementation.

  • .NET C# - Web, Background, Internal Tools
  • MSSQL - Stored Procedures, Database Design
  • Services - WCF, REST, ASMX
  • ASP.NET - MVC4 & Webforms for legacy apps
  • Bootstrap 2/3 Integration with Custom Design
  • JavaScript, jQuery, JSON, HTML, CSS
FreighCenter.com Projects

Calvary Chapel Southside

For my local Church, Calvary Chapel Southside in St Petersburg, FL, I volunteer to serve most of the web and technical needs. This includes a variety of roles such web design & development, podcast recording & publishing, graphic design, database management, networking, computer maintenance, et al.

  • Rapid UI Implementation
  • Bootstrap 3, Resonsive Web
  • Caching and CDN Optimizations
  • RSS Parser
  • iTunes Podcast
Calvary Chapel Southside Projects

CrossFire Fitness Ministry

CrossFire Fitness is a ministry that my wife and I both strongly believe in. Based out of Bristol, VA they provide a great opportunity for the local youth to begin and pursue a healthy lifestyle. All of this is done free-of-charge, and is centered around honoring Jesus Christ.

I was honored to volunteer my time to build a website and help further establish their web presence. One of my favorite parts of this project was creating the background collage from their Facebook photos.

  • Brand Refinement & Enhancement
  • Responsive Website
  • Bootstrap 3, HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP
CrossFire Fitness Ministry

Lifestyle Family Fitness

At LFF I had the opportunity to help develop an in-house application for managing personal trainer schedules, as well as conceptualize new web based products.

  • Application Development
  • User Interface & Usability Design
  • JavaScript, jQuery, JSON, HTML, CSS
AutoBook Dashboard

AutoBook Scheduler

AutoBook is a tool, for the automotive industry, for scheduling service appointments. For this project I was responsible for the user-interface design, many aspects of the front-end development, and assisting with the back-end development of web services.

  • User Interface Design
  • JavaScript, jQuery, JSON
  • ASP.NET C# WebMethods
  • MSSQL Stored Procedures
AutoBook Dashboard

Customer Service Scheduler

An online service allowing customers to schedule vehicle service appointments.

  • ASP.NET C#
  • User Interface Design
  • JavaScript, jQuery, JSON
AutoBook Dashboard

Daily Deal eCommerce Store

The one item at a time business model is an interesting, and relatively uncommon ecommerce convention. While there are a few popular sites using this concept, finding existing software that provided similar functionality while also meeting certain unique business requirements wasn't so easy. This custom solution was designed to meet current client requirements, but also be flexible enough to support future business decisions.

  • WordPress and CodeIgniter Combination
  • PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, jQuery
  • PayPal API
  • Less.js - Themable UI
Shop 4x4 Store

Pizza Plus Public Web Site

The second of two major redesigns I had done for the public Pizza Plus site was designed with several goals in mind. It had to be clean, practical, and dead simple for customers to use. But most importantly the front-end code had to be versatile enough to seamlessly support online ordering, when it became available. The idea was to be able to jump between servers and subdomains while maintaining a consistent user experience. The template could easily be migrated to any other CMS or back-end system.

  • Custom XHTML (Strict) / CSS Template
  • Grid-based CSS Layout
  • ExpressionEngine / CodeIgniter Combination
Pizza Plus Public Web Site

Daily Prize Game

The Pizza Plus daily prize game was completely re-written to resolve some flaws in the previous (and very popular) prize game. Users could cheat the system by deleting their cookies, and web admins could not modify the prizes or odds.

My version was created with Flash and ActionScript 3, but relied on a server-side solution to handle game logic and log gameplay attempts. Through the admin panel an unlimited number of prizes could be created, and their corresponding odds and availability could be easily modified.

  • Adobe Flash - ActionScript 3
  • Adobe After Effects
Online Demo

Point of Sale Reporting App

Designed to integrate with the company Point of Sale system, this application provided real-time reports based on custom business logic.

  • CodeIgniter MVC PHP Framework
  • XAMPP Windows Server
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2005
  • JavaScript (jQuery)
  • Ajax / JSON Web Services
  • Private LAN & VPN accessible
Online Demo

Pizza Plus Employee Site

A back-end, employee only, site was created as kind of a central hub for other projects; the public web site, company resources, etc. This served as a location to retrieve submitted forms, and administer different web applications.

  • Integrates with Public Website
  • CodeIgniter Framework; PHP & MySQL
  • Custom XHTML (Strict) / CSS
  • Blueprint CSS Grid Framework
Pizza Plus Private Employee Site